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CNC panel sizing center PS 270/330

The machines can be adjusted according to a customer request!




This machine is professional in panel sizing area, calculating the optimum cutting path automatically. It is especially suitable for the big factories, which require a high working efficiency. 


Standard Configuration


  • Air table reduces the friction to the minimum to prevent chipping and wearing of the materials.
  • Precision gear and rack transmission ensures smooth and dynamic running even at the highest speeds.
  • Main saw motor is linked to the saws by V-ribbed belt that results in the clean precision cut.
  • Cutting is automatically adjusted to the size of the panels according to the value set — dramatically reduces the cycle time.
  • Saw blades are easy to be loaded and unloaded in an efficient manner.
  • The main saw and the scoring saw with electronic lift feed on linear guide that obtains lasting straight –line precision and    rigidity and guarantees excellent cutting finish.


Technical specification



Models 330 / 270

Cutting Dimension

(Length x Width x Height)

3300 x 3300 x 80mm 2700 x 2700 x 80mm

Saw Blade Projection



 7   /   6

Saw Carriage Speed


Pusher Speed

 Up to 60m/min


 Cabinet Vision

Main Saw Motor

 11 KW

Scoring Saw Motor

 2.2 KW

Main Saw Dimension

 380 x 4.4 x 60mm

Scoring Saw Dimension

 180 x 4.4-5.4 x 45mm


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